“Tentativas Para Matar o Amor” – will love survive? Yes, in Teatro Aberto

Tentativas Para Matar o Amor _ onde lisboa

The play “Tentativas Para Matar o Amor” reflects on contemporary society and the space it reserves for relationships. The text by Marta Figueiredo (winner of the Portuguese Theater Grand Prix SPAutores / Open Theater 2015) addresses the daily life and challenges that modern life brings to relationships. Directly and clearly, no one in the audience will fail to recognize the situations performed on stage.

You put on your famous designer dresses next to my festival t-shirts. I realize there are things that just do not work out.

Ana (played by Cleia Almeida) and Jaime (Tomás Alves) have been in love for over ten years. She, dreamy and adventurous (“life is to be danced”), he, pragmatic and equal to all, more concerned with the list of things that are expected to be made at age 34 than in living.

They have little to do with each other, it would be better if they were done. But they have loved each other since that day when life joined them and gave them a blind knot, uniting them forever.


My mirror, my mirror: is there someone more normal, more regular than me?

Will there be time for Love?

The piece is also about the current society formed by people equal, uncritical and “all made in the same mold”. People who take refuge in television and do not question about people who are manifest and are repressed in any place in Egypt (brilliant the metaphor of televisions inside televisions and people inside televisions).

A consumer society caught up in the severe financial crisis. This is a crisis that the text does not forget and refers very directly to a clear position (“the euro, that currency that makes us poor, but more European”, “Markets this entity that nobody elected”). Is not that what the Theater is for?

When it is said “I love you” it is expected that after the day does not come the night; When you say “I love you”, it is expected to be forever.


While the everyday situations (public transport, accounts, bank credit, employment, career …) are a contradiction between maintaining that love or simply ending it. Kill love to make life more efficient.

On stage is another character (played by Eurico Lopes), a friend of both, a confidante and a kind of conscience. It also acts as narrator, introducing and explaining the situations to the public.

A final note for the author of the text, Marta Figueiredo. Natural of Meda (district of Guarda), the very frontal and political text is full of references to its origins. Civil Engineer training was part of the faculty of the Theater Group of the Instituto Superior Técnico.

It is also important to highlight the important role that video plays in the conduct of the narrative.


Em palco está outro personagem (interpretado por Eurico Lopes), amigo de ambos, confidente e uma espécie de consciência. Faz também o papel de narrador, introduzindo e explicando as situações ao público.

Uma nota final para a autora do texto, Marta Figueiredo. Natural da Meda (distrito da Guarda), o texto muito frontal e político está cheio de referências às suas origens. Engenheira Civil de formação fez parte na faculdade do Grupo de Teatro do Instituto Superior Técnico. De destacar ainda o papel importante que o vídeo desempenha na condução da narrativa.


Where: Teatro Aberto
Text of the piece: Marta Figueiredo
With: Cleia Almeida, Eurico Lopes and Tomás Alves
When: On scene | Wednesday to Saturday, 9:30 p.m.; Sunday 16:00 – until April 16
Price: €15 (with discount €7,5 a €12)
Duration: 80 minutes without interval



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