A sex shop in Lisbon open for tourists and calling the shyest

Audácia Sex shop, onde há sex shops em Lisboa, Onde Lisboa

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It is between the subway of Arroios and Anjos that is the solution to give a little enthusiasm to your sexual life. The Sex Shop Audacity has been running since the year 2000 (who would say, is not it?) and here the cordial “thank you, good afternoon” does not exist. Any customer who purchases is always presented with a “enjoy”.

The practical and good-humored responsible reinforces the obligation to seek to be always better in everything we do. Sex is also a part of it.

“There’s so much to experience, why should there be such a big taboo about sex and sex shops?” – Cristina, responsible for the sex shop Audácia

Audácia Sex shop, onde há sex shops em Lisboa, Onde Lisboa

Diversity is the key word of the house. There is leisure for all kinds and orientations: from simple lingerie, to sadomasochism and toys; Or a substantial collection of video and other more innocent artifacts (such as inflatable penises intended for embarrassing moments or bachelor parties).

Audácia Sex shop, onde há sex shops em Lisboa, Onde Lisboa

Whoever looks at the storefront does not immediately say that there exists a world dedicated to sexual fantasies. In fact, the storefront is not so different from what we find in underwear stores.

This situation was explained to us by the manager, who told us that more explicit marketing is not always the one that brings more customers. “Moreover, we are close to a school, so it is essential to maintain our discretion, as well as to know and respect the limits of our interference in society,” she said.

The establishment is advised to all revivalists. Porn in theaters during the ’70s may be over, but in Audacity it’s still alive. The tight and irregular stairs lead us down to an incognito and mystical realm where the afternoon sun does not interfere. This is a space suitable for the more conservative clientele or who prefers some anonymity.

Calling it a “cave” is defamatory. The area was, according to the responsible herself, recovered and embellished to create a comfortable environment and worthy of a very positive experience.

Audácia Sex shop, onde há sex shops em Lisboa, Onde Lisboa

Suggestive artistic panels, charcoal drawings in white canvas, are some of the details of this space. Some of the individual cabins are closed but it is guaranteed that with the arrival of spring the influx of the public increases and will have to have all the cabins available. And not only the portuguese public visits this space. There are many tourists who choose to spice up the holiday a bit.


Where: Rua Passos Manuel, n.º 67A
Schedule: monday-saturday 10.00-23.00; sunday 15.00-22.00
Contact: 213 532 244


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