Lisb-On regressa de 1 a 3 de setembro ao Parque Eduardo VII

1, 2 and 3 of September / Parque Eduardo VII / #JardimSonoro
The fourth edition of LISB-ON has more music, and is getting stronger.

In 2017, Lisb-On returns to flowering in the center of Lisbon. The coolest party of capitar will return on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
The ideal location, an idyllic garden in the center of the city, and the urban experience of the festival based on a concept that intends to bring the party into the daylight has helped LISB-ON to distinguish itself and to develop its own personality in which diversity And quality of musical programming are slogans.


Lisb-On Tickets

3 days pass for 55 €
Spend the weekend at 45 €
Daily Tickets 25 €

Lisb-On Kids

Thinking of the youngest and the families of Lisbon, admission is free until the age of 14 (inclusive), provided that accompanied with the caretaker. There is no minimum age for dancing, singing and breathing in Jardim Sonoro.



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