Alegro Alfragide é o primeiro centro comercial a abrir portas a cães – mas com muitas reservas

Alegro Alfragide é o primeiro centro comercial a abrir portas a caes | onde lisboa

In the month in which the new status of the animal comes into force, the Alegro Alfragide shopping mall becomes the first to open its doors to four-legged friends – but let’s not have any illusions, the regulation has many (!) Rules that should be read Before leaving home with your dog.

4-legged friends no longer have to be alone at home or in the car waiting for the owners while they shop or go for a walk. From the 13th of May the Alegro Alfragide officially becomes a dog friendly shopping center.

Alegro Alfragide allows owners to take the dog into the mall.

As a welcome, Alegro Alfragide prepared, on May 13 and 14, an Animal Market in the Main Square, between 10am and 9pm, with the presence of many brands. Tosquias, personalized products, photography and caricatures and much more are some of the proposals that you can find.

In order to be accompanied by your animal, at the first access to the center, it is necessary to make an initial registration at the information desk to obtain the Alegro Passport, a document that will allow the entry of the animal whenever it comes to Alegro and with which Should always follow.

The documentation required to issue the Alegro Passport includes:
– Identity document of the owner and / or responsible;
– Vaccination report on the day of the dog;
– Microchip registration (if the microchip number is not evidenced in the vaccination report) and municipal license in good standing;
– Dog liability insurance.



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